Bonjour. In this article, I will be sharing my personal opinion on why I chose France for my higher education. Though I had an admit before my graduation 2019 along with some worthy scholarship, I was not able to make it to the University because of multiple unforeseen reasons. Then after my graduation, I again started my research for my PG. But this time, the search was intensive, unbiased and wide.


  • Top 5 reasons to study in France
  • Scholarships to study in France
  • Additional Perks
  • Factors to consider before choosing


01. Duration of the programme is so flexible

One of the major attraction of French higher education system is that it’s so flexible. If you want to complete the course fast and get into the industry very quick, you can choose 16 months MSc programs. Though time duration is short, quality of education and exposure is never compromised.

On the other hand, if you want to get a rich expertise even before graduating from the program, you can go ahead with MIM degrees. Total duration of the program is 2 years. You are given an option to take a gap year after first year and can gain experience before completing the final year. Most colleges also have student exchange programmes with some top schools around the world. For example, in case of India, you can join a 2 yr MSc program at IMT Atlantique and you are given an option to spend a semester at IIT Bombay, IISc Bengaluru, IIT delhi , you can join Toulouse Business School and spend a semester at IIM Ahmedabad or IIM Calcutta along with many. Admission to French Universities or Business schools is very fair. You will be having an online interview along with other procedures with no intrusion from reservation, country discrimintation.

Additionally, you have an option to graduate from dual degrees if you choose some specialization in the respective schools. The areas of specializations are huge and a dual degree would definitely add value to your profile and gives you an edge over others in the pool.

02. Most comfortable post-study benefits

France established mutual recognition of degrees with India. This is the first of it’s kind in the whole world. Students enjoy 2 yrs of post study visa to search for jobs or entrepreneurial activities. In addition to this, they also get 5 yrs of business visa for 5 yrs. This includes whole of the Schengen region. With this multiple entry Schengen visa, they can stay in any Schengen region for 90 days and return to India for next 90 days. And the process can be repeated. This would be very much useful for someone willing to expand their business in Europe.

03. Quality education at the most affordable fee

In top University ranking 2020, the number 1 position in mathematics is occupied by Université Paris Saclay. It would be a dream for many. But they may wonder how much it’s fee could be as it is ranked higher than MIT. But fee for an undergraduate program there is just 170 euros and that for a master’s programme is 243 euros. Government institutions in France are highly affordable and simultaneously providing quality education.

Grande école is a highly selective group of institutions in France. Fee is slightly higher in those schools but still manageable. It doesn’t make us pay loan debt for another 30 yrs. Hec Paris, the number 1 place to study marketing has a little higher fee. But their ROI is not negotiable at all.

04. Multi culture and language

French is the official language in 30 different countries spread across 5 different continents. French international community is a perfect mix of diverse students. You will stay out of your comfort zone which paves way for your growth. Knowing an additional Language is always helpful in your research, business and humanitarian activities.

For example, in insead 2020 cohort contains students from 88 different countries. Such an awesome class. Think about it.

05. Cutting edge station F

Station F is the largest start up Campus in the whole world. It houses more than 1000 start ups, 40 VC and 4 mentorship offices under a single roof. Nearly 600 events are conducted there every year. If you have a compelling idea that can change the world or solve a problem, you have a place here. They also introduced fighter program which is a free one year program designed for people from disadvantaged background.


  • Eiffel Scholarship
  • Charpak Scholarship
  • Erasmus+ Mobility Scholarship
  • UGAM Legrand Scholarship
  • Shikhar Thales Scholarship
  • Bahman Samandari Scholarship
  • Amba-Dalmia Scholarship
  • And more scholarships specific to schools and programs

Additional perks of studying in France

  1. All students both European and non-european students who are less than 26 years of age and staying on a rented place are eligible for CAF(caisse d’allocations familiales). It is a housing allowance which repays up to 40% of the student’s rent. This would very much lessen the burden on students.

  2. All students are entitled to get annual passes in most of the governmet services. Most modes of transportation, cinemas, museums are covered under this passes.

  3. With a french student ID card, you can access all the library contents throughout France.

  4. Work life balance at French is stricly followed. People need not work overtime. And an annual summer vacation will be given to all of the French employees. The duration varies depending on the company and location.

Some of the important points to be considered before choosing an University or Business School

  • Renowned professors and research centres
  • Return on Investment
  • Diversity of student population
  • Fees and others expenses you can manage
  • Economic stability and legal policy changes of the country
  • Rankings and global reputation
  • Specialization(Some schools are the best for specific subjects but are not in any ranking)
  • Alumni network
  • Student safety

I wish you all the best for your education abroad or in France. Please let me know if you any questions. I will try my best to get it done.

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