Preludd Data Challenge 2021 - Runner - March 2021

PROVIDED BY: Preludd Payment Services

Preludd Data Challenge was organised by TBS Education and Preludd Payment Services to identity Alternative Payment profiles (APM) for their merchants. In addition to recommending APMs, our team also developed a python application to get summarised results based on various filters. We secured Second position in the challenge.

Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification - 97% - January 2021


Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification is a part of the MSc Big Data Marketing and Management program at TBS Education. After weeks of preparation and months of training, I gave my exam on 24th January 2021 and achieved a near perfect score of 97%

TBS-DataViz Challenge 2020 - Winner - December 2020

PROVIDED BY: Musée d’Orsay and Musée de l’Orangerie

The challenge was conducted in partnership with Musée d’Orsay and Musée de l’Orangerie. The challenge took place for 2 months with multiple weekly meetings. We used different tools like R studio, Jupyter notebook, tableau and tableau prep for the project. The amount of learning during this project is excellent. We learnt how to understand a real business scenario, interact with clients, define a business problem, apply data visualization principles and recommend creative solutions.

Charpak AME Scholarship of Excellence - July 2020

PROVIDED BY: French Government

Highly meritorious students are awarded with this prestigious scholarship to support their education. It involves a reduction of 5000 Euros in tution fee. It also includes a monthly grant of 700 Euros to support our stay in France. Additionally the scholarship holders are also given preference to find an accomodation in state run Residences. A waiver of EEF and CVEC is also given. On top of all, they will be awarded the title of “French Government Scholarship Holder”.

TBS Merit Scholarship - January 2020

PROVIDED BY: Toulouse Business School

Merit scholarship worth 10 % of total tution fee is granted to support the meritorious students. The scholarship is provied to a few potential students to minize their burden.

INTEL Edge AI Scholarship - December 2019

PROVIDED BY: Intel & Udacity

The scholarship is to help students build and deploy AI models at edge. Students are taught to leverage the potential of edge computing OPENVINO toolkit to fast-track deployment of high-performance computer vision models. Edge computing is projected to have great influence in the way we live. The scholarship is to promote students to use and deploy innovative concepts. A vibrant community of aspiring and mature AI engineers are brought under a common roof under this scholarship through Slack platform. I feel really honored to be part of the community. A little step out of my comfort zone.

Aruchami Endowment Award - June 2019

PROVIDED BY: PSG Tech Alumni Association

I lead of team of 4 skilled students with a common motivation of designing and developing a hydrogen fuel cell powered two wheeler. Having Toyota Mirai as our bench mark, we first designed our multi-layered Hydrogen storage tank for the vehicle. Then we prepared our design requirements based on various research publications and advice from industrial experts. We then designed and analysed the vehicle for various simulated conditions. We also designed various Simulink models to validate our design. As a token of appreciation to our hard work, innovation and applied knowledge, our project was selected as the BEST PROJECT by the Jury and the External Committee.

Best Outgoing Student Award - March 2019

PROVIDE BY: PSG Tech Students Union

This is a very prestigious award given to the students who shines in academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. I have been part of numerous student associations and student clubs conducting student beneficiary events. I have also maintained a strong academic profile throughout my journey. I have taken additional courses to populate my domain expertise. I have taken several leadership activities and many initiatives for the department activities. I have represented my college in many gatherings. I have also been part of NCC Airwing and been part of many social awareness and welfare campains. This fetched me this honorary award. I have also actively participated in other college events.

Paper Published in 9th NCAAT - March 2019

TITLE: Design and Analysis of an On-board High Pressure Compressed Hydrogen Storage Tank for Fuel Cell Two Wheeler

Our project team presented a part of our Bachelor Thesis in the 9th National conference on Advances in Automotive Engineering organized by Department of Automobile Engineering, PSG College of Technology. The conference had multiple industrial persons and students from many different colleges. Our team stands last when sorted in the hierarchical order. We were the only undergraduate students in the conference. We feel proud be a one among the delegates in such a reputed conference.

Winner - Paper Presentation Nebula 2019 - March 2019

TITLE OF PRESENTATION: Design and Analysis of Hydrogen Powered Two-Wheeler PROVIDED BY: PSG Institute of Advanced Studies

Nebula is an annual technical and cultural symposium of PSG Institute of Advanced Studies which includes various technical, fun and cultural events. We participated in the Paper Presentation event. It was a multi-disciplinary event which included participants from various domain such as mechanical, electrical, biotechnology, textile, composites etc. The jury included highly skilled people from various streams. The participants were from various disciplines and hierarchy. Yet, our team secured the first position. This is one of the honorary achievement of mine.

Winner - Paper Conferral Synergy 19.0 - March 2019

TITLE OF PRESENTATION: Design and Analysis of Multi-layered Hydrogen Tank PROVIDED BY: Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, GCE-Salem

Synergy 19.0 is an annual national level technical symposium organized by Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Government College of Engineering - Salem. The event having its location at the center of the state, attracted enormous number of students participating in the events. It was a very tedious task competing with all those talented persons. The judges were very interactive and have brought life to the event. It was a pride moment that our team have won the competition with both high quality and high quantity crowd.

Winner - Paper Presntation Wootz’10 - March 2019

TITLE OF PRESENTATION: Design and Analysis of Multi-layered Hydrogen Tank PROVIDED BY: Department of Metallurgical Engineering, PSG College of Technology

WOOTZ is an annual summit organized by Department of Metallurgical Engineering, PSG College of Technology and Indian Institute of Metals, Coimbatore Chapter. Many events are conducted every year ranging from workshops to paper presentations. My project team and I participated in the Paper Presentation event and won first position in it. WE worked really hard for many days to get ourselves familiarize with the metallurgical concepts. We are really honored to be a winner at the prestigious event.

All India Ranking 9th BAJA SAEINDIA 2019 - January 2019

POSITIONS: Overall 9th

BAJA SAEINDIA is a flagship and highly selective event sponsored by Mahindra. It is conducted every year at NATRIP, Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, India. Our team, BAJA BHAIS had been selected as one of the teams out of more than 500 participants from premier institutions around the nation. We performed well right from the beginning. We were one of the few teams to qualify the safety scrutiny very quickly. We perfectly planned and completed all the dynamic and static events well before time. Our vehicle was one of the very few vehicles which completed the event without any mechanical failure. WE performed well in all the dynamic, design and business events. The aim of the event is to build a prototype of a robust ATV and we have done it with perfection.

All India Ranking 26th Enduro Student India 2018 - January 2018

POSITION: Overall 26th

Enduro Student India is an off-road student design competition bred from the need to train engineering students on practical aspect of building something with their own hands and also train them on the science of team management. ESI 2018 was held at Geedee Driving School, Coimbatore, India on January 2018. Our team, BAJA BHAIS participated in the event and performed well in the event. Though we faced many technical issues with the vehicle, we tackled it efficiently and secured overall 26th ranking out of 72 teams which participated in the event.

Runner - Paper Presntation Uddeshah - October 2016

TITLE OF PRESENTATION: Intelligent Weight Reduction in Automobiles

Uddeshah is a National level technical symposium organized by Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi, India. Our team included two undergraduate students who just started their second year of the UG program. We were the youngest among the arena yet our presentation stood par with the others from various colleges. we were not able to deliver everything within the time allotted but the judges extracted everything during the Q&A session. We were able to explain then everything which helped us bag the runner up position in the paper presentation.

Silver - PSG Tech Mini-Marathon - February 2016

PROVIDED BY: Department of Physical Education, PSG College of Technology

PSG Tech Mini-marathon is conducted every year by Department of Physical education, PSG College of Technology under various disciplines. I participated in the 2016 edition of the marathon which spans about 10 km. More than 1000 students participated in the marathon. I completed the marathon and secured 42nd position in it. Top 25 students were provided the gold medal and next 25 students were provided silver medals which allows me to qualify for the silver medal.

Winner - Mathematical Ability Test - August 2015

PROVIDED BY: Department of Mathematics, PSG College of Technology

Mathematical Ability Test is conducted by Department of Mathematics, PSG College of Technology every year for the first year undergraduate students of all engineering programs. The test acts as a evaluating method to scale the knowledge of students on high school mathematics. It involves all the high level mathematics from high school and their applications. I stood first among the students of Department of Automobile Engineering which helped me bag this award. It was not a tedious task either because I always stood better in mathematics than any other subjects. I scored 100 percent in both SSLC and HSC Mathematics.

Proficiency Award - School Topper - February 2015

PROVIDED BY: PKD matriculation Higher Secondary School

I scored first mark in the 11th District Common Examination of Coimbatore District in my school. I scored first mark in both science group category and the overall category in the school. It also includes first marks in mainstream subjects like physics, chemistry and mathematics. So I was honored the proficiency award at the school Annual day 2015.

Merit Scholarship - June 2014

PROVIDED BY: PKD matriculation Higher Secondary School

I consistently scored top three ranks in the school of all sections in all the three examinations. It helped me get complete scholarship for the high school second year. Three students were given full scholarship and three students were given 50% scholarship. I was one among the students who received full scholarship for the whole year of academic education fees.